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I have spent my life exploring nature in remote locations, whether it be on foot or by canoe. I have traveled to many countries photographing the natural environment as well as urban landscapes and people. Photography has been a part of this for 25 years. I have recently started doing small workshops in the field as well as my own Workshop Hangout Series on Google+ called Nature through My Eyes. My work has been seen in Canoe Roots magazine as well as online publications and private print sales. The desire to share knowledge gained over the years has lead me to starting these workshops. My approach is both rooted in emotional response to nature from a philosophical side as well as presenting a solid foundation of fundamental skills to build upon.

Ron Clifford
I am a photographer and artist. I am a visual person and photography lets me capture and share visual moments that have an intimate connection to the people and places I am shooting. I have been involved in photography 30 years and in that time I have photographed all over this great province of Ontario. I have also spent most of my free time enjoying, photographing and painting the scenes which make this place so special. I shoot people places and things but prefer to spend time in the outdoors capturing moments in the natural world. I have a passion for sharing with others and that has led to many opportunities to teach both photography and art in many college and adult education programs. I have recently co hosted on Jim Davis Workshop Hangout Series “Nature Through My Eyes” as well as being a member of the gang on the live broadcast Hangout Series “Life Through The Lens”.