Thursday, February 9, 2012

Plus One Collection Charity Book

Plus One Collection 
Both Ron Clifford and myself, Jim Davis are proud to say that we have been selected for the print version of the Plus One Collection charity book initiated and organized by Ivan Makarov  and a team of volunteers assembled on Google+. There are 192 photographers selected from submissions from around the world to be included in the print version and 520 which will be included in the E-book and Mobile App versions.

All Proceeds from the sale of the book in limited edition, regular print, E-book and Mobile App will go to the Kiva charitable organisation. Please visit the Plus One Collection website and read the "About The Book" page for more details and see a list of all artists to be included.

As much as it's an honour to be included in this book, it's a greater honour to see the proceeds going to a good cause. There is something to be said when an online community can come together and work towards a positive outcome in such a short span of a couple of months.
Charitable Organisation

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